I love to travel. If you're driving, do more than just pack a bag and write an itinerary. Take care of your vehicle through auto service repairs.


Camper Van Safety Checks to Perform Before Your Next Holiday

16 June 2015
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Camper vans tend to be stored over the Winter months, to be brought out and reused by the family during Summer. Before using it for vacation, properly performing some safety checks is important for the safety of you and your family, as well as for other road users. This article looks at some checks you should do if you are planning to use your camper van for the first time since Winter, and also looks at some safety aspects that require the skill and expertise of a qualified engineer.
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3 Common Auto Mechanic Questions

11 June 2015
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Unless you're a diehard auto repair enthusiast, there is no piece of equipment you own more baffling than your vehicle. You probably know the basics of car operation, but when it comes to more complex systems, you rely on an auto mechanic to tell you what's going on. But if you want to increase your knowledge about overall vehicle maintenance and repairs, here are the answers to three common questions about basic auto repair and service.
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Essential Auto Service Before Road Trips: Preparation Tips

Welcome to my blog. My name is Cory, and I love to travel. I especially love long caravan or car journeys, and I have taken several through Australia, Eastern Europe and even Brazil. Now, that I am a bit older, have more responsibilities and can't travel as often, I love to write about it. If you are driving, you have to do more than just pack a bag and write an itinerary. You also have to take care of your vehicle through auto service repairs. Want to know which repairs are essential, which can be avoided and which can be done on your own? Then, you have to explore these posts. I hope they help you have a fabulous journey.