Services Offered By An Auto Transmission Shop

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Services Offered By An Auto Transmission Shop

Services Offered By An Auto Transmission Shop

29 June 2015
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You don't need to be an auto expert to understand that certain parts of your car, such as your tyres, engine, batteries and transmission need regular servicing to maintain the longevity of your vehicle, and to prevent costly breakdowns. Whether you drive an automatic transmission or a five-speed, the transmission's purpose is to transfer power from your engine to the axles that regulate rotation of your wheels. If your car needs transmission service, then read on to find out the services offered by a transmission shop.


Transmission repair often occurs if you fail to properly service and maintain your transmission. Some of the most common kinds of transmission repairs include damaged gear synchronizers, leaking transmission fluid, a worn-out clutch, damaged bearings, faulty gear teeth and weakened links in which the gears are housed. Gear synchronizers are exclusively built with manual transmissions, and their purpose is to control gear movement as you shift from one gear to another.

A grinding sound is often the tell-tale sound of damaged synchronizers, and a simple diagnosis by an auto mechanic can confirm that the synchronizers need to be replaced. A worn-out clutch will often prevent you from shifting gears, or make it difficult for you to shift gears. Clutch repair may sometimes involve reducing slack in the clutch pedal, which prevents the clutch from engaging the flywheel that helps turn the gears. With automatic transmissions, you may also find that roller bearings that are built to prevent your gears from grinding have been damaged, which will once again cause a grinding sound that is audible and should be heeded.

Transmission Fluid Change

An auto transmission shop can also change your transmission fluid to ensure that fresh, clean oil is lubricating the entire transmission system so that it doesn't overheat and become damaged. Auto mechanics recommend that you change the transmission fluid every two years to keep your transmission operating effectively. Transmission fluid is vital because it not only lubricates components, but it also cleans the seals within your transmission. Transmission fluid doesn't burn off and isn't consumed by your engine, so if your fluid level is low, there is a leak somewhere that an auto mechanic must fix. Auto mechanics can do a flush and fill, which drains all the old transmission fluid and replaces it with new fluid. They can also replace old filters, which extends the effectiveness of the fluid.

If you have specific questions about how the transmission in your car is working, contact a business like Precision Automatic Transmissions.

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