Camper Van Safety Checks to Perform Before Your Next Holiday

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Camper Van Safety Checks to Perform Before Your Next Holiday

Camper Van Safety Checks to Perform Before Your Next Holiday

16 June 2015
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Camper vans tend to be stored over the Winter months, to be brought out and reused by the family during Summer. Before using it for vacation, properly performing some safety checks is important for the safety of you and your family, as well as for other road users. This article looks at some checks you should do if you are planning to use your camper van for the first time since Winter, and also looks at some safety aspects that require the skill and expertise of a qualified engineer.

If your camper van has been in storage during the cold weather, start by using a simple multi-meter to check the level of charge in the vehicle's battery. Multimeters are inexpensive; you should consider purchasing one if you don't already own one. Next, visually inspect the condition of the tires. Remember to check the spare tire as well. Also, inspect the wheel rims and outer parts of the tires for damage. Never take a risk with any worn or cracked tires, replace before using the camper van. Some other checks include:

  • Check to ensure that the wheel nuts are fully tightened
  • Check oil level and level of windshield wash
  • Check that all lights work

You can check that the flame from the gas appliance burns blue and not yellow. If it does burn yellow, you should call out a gas specialist. Remember to check that the hoses to the appliances are in good condition and check sockets to make sure that they are not loose or wobbly. Check any water hose connections in the van, making sure the connections are undamaged and fully tight.

Before using the van, turn the appliances on to give them a test. Make sure, for example, that the fridge and freezer are working. Performing all these checks will help you to enjoy your vacation, instead of spending time fixing niggling faults.

Unless you have training in any of these specific areas, it is best to let a qualified professional carry out some jobs for you. When it comes to the safety of your family, it is always better to reduce risks. Do this by consulting a professional like Duns Bros with regards to:

  • Work on the gas equipment, gas connections or mains supply of electricity
  • Repairs to the flooring of the van
  • Work on the brakes, or chassis

Continue to check the lights and tires as you are on vacation and using the van. Try to fix any faults as soon as you possibly can.

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