I love to travel. If you're driving, do more than just pack a bag and write an itinerary. Take care of your vehicle through auto service repairs.


What Should You Look For When Purchasing Your Vehicle’s First Custom Trailer?

30 July 2020
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A utility trailer is a must-have for any person that wants haul stuff with their car that cannot fit inside the vehicle. Whether you are a tradie or you simply enjoy engaging in DIY home improvement, getting a custom trailer to suit your individual preferences can save you a considerable amount of money in transport costs. But if you have never bought this add-on before, you may not know what you should take into account.
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Critical Clutch Parts that Receive the Most Repairs

23 April 2020
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A clutch is the most overworked component in a car with manual transmission. It is because a clutch engages and disengages whenever you start, brake, stop or change gears, and this could be several hundred times a day. It is no wonder clutch repairs account for more garage shop visits than any other car part. That said, certain clutch parts require more attention during repairs compared to others. This article highlights clutch parts that receive the most repairs.
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Essential Auto Service Before Road Trips: Preparation Tips

Welcome to my blog. My name is Cory, and I love to travel. I especially love long caravan or car journeys, and I have taken several through Australia, Eastern Europe and even Brazil. Now, that I am a bit older, have more responsibilities and can't travel as often, I love to write about it. If you are driving, you have to do more than just pack a bag and write an itinerary. You also have to take care of your vehicle through auto service repairs. Want to know which repairs are essential, which can be avoided and which can be done on your own? Then, you have to explore these posts. I hope they help you have a fabulous journey.