Truck Brake Problems? Could It Be Your Air Compressor?

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Truck Brake Problems? Could It Be Your Air Compressor?

Truck Brake Problems? Could It Be Your Air Compressor?

8 October 2020
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If you are having problems with the braking system on your heavy truck, the fault may be related to the air compressor. This is quite a complicated piece of equipment and made up of many different individual parts, so you will first need to zero in on the symptoms before you can schedule a repair. What are the most common problems associated with a diesel air brake compressor?


More often than not, your compressor will fail to build an adequate amount of pressure due to worn or ineffective parts. The compressor itself is like a miniature engine and relies on tight internal compression in order to build the requisite power. Inside the compressor, you will find individual pistons that are separated from the wall of the cylinder by tightly fitting rings. If these wear out, then you won't be able to build the right amount of compression and, subsequently pressure.

Governor Issues

Sometimes, the governor that is meant to regulate performance may fail, but the air dryer may also be sending an errant signal to the governor as well. You need to determine which is faulty before you can make the appropriate repair.

Compressor Cycling

You may also find that the governor or dryer is faulty if the compressor seems to cycle without shutting down. Sometimes, the lines that connect these parts may spring a leak, and this will lead to fluctuating pressure and a constantly cycling compressor.

Oil Leakage

If you can see evidence of an oil leak and especially in the area of the pan or sealing gaskets, this may be a relatively easy fix. You may just need to reapply sealant or may need to swap out the various gaskets instead.

An internal oil leak is a little bit more challenging, however. If the oil gets into the air compressor lines, it may solidify and cause a blockage. This will lead to a pressure drop off and deteriorating performance.

Internal Issues

It's quite difficult to get to the bottom of an internal oil leak and could be relatively minor or a bigger problem. You may be able to fix it by changing the head gasket, or you may need to swap out the compressor altogether.

Expert Help

To be sure of your ground, bring in a truck repair professional. They will know what to look for and will advise you accordingly before carrying out the necessary repairs.

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