Top Trends in Agricultural Tyres

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Top Trends in Agricultural Tyres

Top Trends in Agricultural Tyres

18 March 2022
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Australia is one of the most food-secure countries globally since it produces more food than its citizens can consume while exporting 70% of its annual agricultural produce. Food security can be attributed to technological advancements in agricultural machinery over the last few decades. Farm tractors are an excellent example of machinery that has directly benefited from such advances. Tractor tyres have particularly seen major improvements that have enhanced overall efficiency in farming. Therefore, you should watch out for the following trends when shopping for tractor tyres. 

Sprayer Tyres

For a long time, there were only two categories of agricultural tyres, tractor tyres and implement tyres. It meant that sprayers could only use either of the tyres despite their unique needs. Notably, sprayers are very different from tractors in speed and load requirements. Therefore, using tractor tyres on sprayers only reduces their efficiency. However, tyre companies discovered the market gap and started manufacturing sprayer tyres. High-quality sprayer tyres can carry thousands of litres of spray chemicals while travelling at low speeds. In addition, sprayer-specific tyres guarantee better spraying efficiency by preventing wastage. Therefore, next time you think about using standard tyres on a sprayer, remember to buy tyres specially meant for the equipment. 

Eco-Friendly Tyres

Another trend that has become highly popular among farmers are eco-friendly agricultural tyres. In the past, farmers preferred tyres made from new rubber. However, it only increased the number of old tyres in landfills, adversely affecting the environment. Since the agricultural industry bears the brunt of a toxic environment, farmers are turning to new tyres made from old recycled tyres. Additionally, manufacturers are currently producing agricultural tyres with less rolling resistance, saving fuel costs and improving productivity. Besides enhancing efficiency in farming activities, eco-friendly agricultural tyres save costs and win the hearts of environmentally-conscious clients. 

Stubble Resistance

Modern seed genetics continue developing and distributing resilient crops such as plants with better stalk quality. Unfortunately, crops with strong stalks can become a problem after harvesting because the stalks become rigid stubbles when dry. Thus, it poses a danger to tractor tyres because the stalks increase the chances of punctures. The front tyres are the most vulnerable, especially when performing tillage operations. Unfortunately, punctures can delay tillage and an entire farmland preparation schedule. Fortunately, manufacturers are producing agricultural wheels that are stubble resistant. The tyres can easily roll over rigid, dry stalks, significantly minimising the risk of punctures. 

Contact a company that supplies agricultural machinery tyres to learn more. 

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