Should You Get an AGM Battery for Your Vehicle?

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Should You Get an AGM Battery for Your Vehicle?

Should You Get an AGM Battery for Your Vehicle?

14 January 2022
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If you're in the market for a new car battery, you may have read about "AGM" and wondered what this type of technology is all about. Should you consider one of these units for your vehicle, and what are the advantages?

Self-Sufficient Batteries

The rechargeable batteries fitted to a modern-day vehicle are known as "lead-acid" and are typically cost-effective, strong and reliable. In the not too distant past, almost all of these batteries would be of the wet cell variety, sometimes referred to as "flooded." However, AGM technology has been introduced in recent times, designed to make these batteries more self-sufficient. They are still lead-acid batteries, but the process is different.

Fibreglass Matting

AGM stands for Absorbed Glass Mat. Inside the casing, designers have placed a glass mat separator between the individual battery plates. This is made from fibreglass and soaked with electrolytes, so the liquid is held in suspension rather than housed in independent containers (or wet cells). The electrolytes transfer to the battery plate when needed, providing a reliable and quick form of energy to start the vehicle and handle all the ancillaries.

The Difference Between AGM and Flooded

AGM batteries are often marked as "maintenance-free." In other words, you will not need to remove any caps from the top of the casing to see if there is enough solution within. With the flooded battery, you will need to do this from time to time and add liquid if necessary.

Flooded batteries may also have a tendency to leak if they are inadvertently tipped or in other extreme circumstances. On the other hand, AGM batteries are essentially dry, as the electrolyte is suspended within the fibreglass mat instead.

Is It Really Maintenance Free?

If you do decide to buy the AGM battery, don't be confused by the "maintenance-free" moniker. While you may not need to check the electrolyte level, you should keep a close eye on the condition of the battery from time to time. If you see any buildup of corrosion around the terminals, clean this off carefully and make sure that you keep the casing in good condition as well. If you perform these simple tasks, your AGM battery should last for a reasonable amount of time and be a great alternative.

Making Your Choice

Talk with your battery supplier to get their advice, and see if an AGM battery is right for you and your vehicle.

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