What Are the Signs Your Automatic Transmission Is Failing and Need Repair?

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What Are the Signs Your Automatic Transmission Is Failing and Need Repair?

What Are the Signs Your Automatic Transmission Is Failing and Need Repair?

2 August 2021
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Instead of waiting until you are faced with emergency automatic transmission problems, it is always better to take early precautions. The precautions include using the correct transmission fluids and checking the oil levels from time to time, regularly flushing the automatic transmissions and stopping bad habits like changing gears while the car is at high speed.

You should also understand common warning signs that your auto transmission is developing problems for timely repairs. Take a look at three of the signs below.

Straining When Shifting Gears

The number one sign of damaged automatic transmissions is when you strain to shift gears. In most cases, this problem happens when your vehicle is low on transmission fluids. As you may well know, transmission fluids act as a lubricant for your car's moving parts. But since it is a hydraulic fluid, it also serves in several other ways like in power transmission, shifting of gears and cooling down the hydraulic system.

So if your gears are not shifting, first check the transmission fluid levels using the dipstick. If they seem low, that might be the culprit. Therefore, drive to your nearest auto repair shop. An important point to note is never to drive if the transmission fluid seems dark. Instead, have your car towed to an auto repair shop.

Producing Unusual Sounds When in Neutral

When you need to get your car towed, or perhaps you need to push it out of a snow pile, you need the neutral gear for the car to move. At this point, you are not using your vehicle's internal mechanism system but rather an outside force. That is because you are not engaging the engine as it is disconnected from the wheels. Therefore, you should not hear any sounds when your vehicle is in neutral mode. The sound issue is related to the transmissions, and it usually means that you need to change the automatic transmission fluid. Sometimes, it could be a case of damaged mechanical parts that need replacement.

You Notice a Burning Smell as You Drive

Burning smells are never a good sign. So if your vehicle is producing some burning smells similar to burning rubber, you should pay attention to the automatic transmission fluids. The smell you feel indicates the transmission fluid is overheating or that it needs changing. On the other hand, it could also mean the fluid is leaking on heated engine parts. Whichever the case, you should have your vehicle looked at as soon as possible.

All of the above three signs indicate serious automatic transmission issues that require urgent attention. It is best to pay attention to your car and seek help to avoid irreversible damages and costly repairs.

Contact an automatic transmission service to learn more.

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