When You Need To Get A Roadworthy Inspection

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When You Need To Get A Roadworthy Inspection

When You Need To Get A Roadworthy Inspection

23 February 2021
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Cars are one of the primary methods of transport across Australia due to the large empty spaces and sparse public transport outside of the major cities. It is very important that your car is in a roadworthy state at all times to keep yourself and your passengers safe in what can be unforgiving environments. However, there are also specific times where you need to have a fully licensed roadworthy inspection to prove to the government and other parties involved that your car is perfectly fine to drive away in. Here are three situations in which you absolutely must get a roadworthy inspection.

Changing State

If you are changing the registration of your car from one state to another due to a move, then you will need to prove to the new state that your car can actually drive safely. As silly as it may seem with a new or barely used car, you will still need to get roadworthy inspections in the state you are changing it too so that it can be licensed. It is best to try to do this as early as possible, as the paperwork can take a while after your inspection, and the last thing you want is to be stuck in a new state with no mode of transport.

Selling Your Car

Whenever you sell or buy a car, it is very normal for the person getting the car to want roadworthy inspections done to prove the car is as you say it is. In some states, a roadworthy inspection is required by law before the ownership can be transferred. Make sure you know your local regulations, but in general, it is always safer to just get the roadworthy inspections done anyway. It makes for a quicker sale and a happier customer, so don't make it a big issue when it costs so little. 

Re-Registering An Old Car

If you let your registration lap for any reason, then before you take your vehicle out onto the road, you will need to get it checked by a professional. This has been put in place to protect just anyone from driving decades-old cars with no checks or balances in place to see if they meet modern safety standards. Yes, it can be frustrating if you let your registration lapse on a newer car, but it goes a lot quicker if you do not try to fight the process but just follow it as closely as you can. 

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