Caravan Maintenance: Three Critical Elements to Service Regularly

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Caravan Maintenance: Three Critical Elements to Service Regularly

Caravan Maintenance: Three Critical Elements to Service Regularly

23 January 2017
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Proper caravan maintenance is essential for longevity and ideal performance. If the structure is neglected, the caravan will be vulnerable to eventual deterioration of components and even unexpected break down. This could, in turn, necessitate extensive structural repair and parts replacement. You can avoid the costs and inconvenience of failure by regular servicing. Here are some of the most critical elements in a caravan that you should consider during your maintenance sessions.

Wheel Bearings

The wheel bearings in a caravan should be inspected regularly according to the recommendations made by the manufacturer. In general, caravan bearings should be checked frequently because they will no grinding noise emitted when failure occurs, unlike car wheel bearings. Examine the bearings for general wear and pitting, and replace if you notice any damage. You should also inspect the bearing cup, seals and other attached components for scoring and break down. If these are damaged, the wheel bearings will not perform as expected.

Caravan Brakes

Modern caravans are fitted with electric brakes. These are favourable because they do not require constant maintenance to function well. However, these components are not infallible, so you should carry out inspection to avoid problems on the road. You should adjust the brakes to ensure that they are in the perfect position for optimal performance.

The brake linings in your caravan will develop cracks if exposed to extremely hot conditions. Therefore, check for this type of damage and replace the components as required. You should consider installing motion sensing brake controllers for higher stopping efficiency and reduced strain on braking components. If your caravan has been in storage, lubricate the handbrake to eliminate tightness.


The suspension in the caravan can be easily overlooked during maintenance of the structure because the system is hidden. This form of negligence will cause premature failure, so you should include the component in your servicing schedule. There are multiple types of suspensions in the market for different caravans. You should know the specific module installed in your caravan for the right servicing practices.

For example, the leaf spring suspension is the most common because it provides a good balance between cost and longevity. You should check this component for cracks and general wear regularly, especially if the spring is old. Slipper leaf springs are more durable and require less check-ups and replacement, but the cost of purchase is higher. For the best results, check the manufacturer's recommendations for suspension maintenance.

If you are not knowledgeable in caravan maintenance, you should engage an auto technician for servicing.

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