How to become a mechanic

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How to become a mechanic

How to become a mechanic

31 May 2016
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A lot of jobs lately are at risk of getting outsourced to computerized replacements, so deciding on a career path that can keep you financially secured for the rest of your life can be difficult. But one profession that will most likely stay relevant is the mechanic, or automotive service technician. While getting into the mechanic industry doesn't particularly require acquiring a university diploma, there are a few steps to the process before you can call yourself a mechanic. Here's how you do it:


Before you can think about an apprenticeship, you need to make sure you fulfill the more basic educational requirements. These include at least average grades in secondary school Sciences, Mathematics, and English, and it would help your chances at getting an apprenticeship if you chose electives such as (or related to) Technical Drawing and Metalwork.

If you want to do everything you can to raise your chances of apprenticeship, you can actually start training while you're still at school with the TVET program, which stands for "TAFE-delivered vocational education and training," where automotive is one of the choices. You can begin getting firsthand work experience before you graduate from secondary school, and it also adds to your Higher School Certificate units.

If you're done with secondary school, your next step is to enroll in an automotive course at a TAFE (technical and further education) institution. There are many courses to help you on your way to becoming a mechanic, but the most general course is the Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology, which will give you a holistic all-around mechanic's education.

Getting an Apprenticeship

It isn't enough to graduate from a TAFE course to land an apprenticeship, however. Due to the high amount of competition in the mechanic industry, you have to do whatever you can to put yourself ahead of the pack. Some things you can do include walking to your local garages and asking them for an apprenticeship, or sending emails out to all the mechanics in your area and asking if they have a possible opening. Often times mechanics are more than happy to take a new apprentice, as they sometimes are rewarded financial incentives by the government.

Securing a License

If you want to start your own repair shop, the motor vehicle repair business license is what really makes you "official." People will be more willing to trust you and give you their business, but securing one isn't that easy. First you need to be a certified repairer of all the different classes of repair work that your business offers. Getting this certificate involves completing certain training courses, a clean criminal record, and a fee.

Once you have the certificates for all the classes of repair you do (or you employ another mechanic who has those certificates), the Commissioner for Consumer Protection will review your application. Your premises must be authorized in order to operate from there, as well. After these two steps, your chances for having an approved license are pretty high, and now you'll have an official auto repair business.

While it may seem daunting jumping into a new profession, especially one as crowded as the mechanics industry, you have to remain confident and believe in yourself, and your journey to becoming a mechanic will be smoother than you thought.

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