Clutch Repairs | 4 Probable Problems That May Arise With Your Clutch

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Clutch Repairs | 4 Probable Problems That May Arise With Your Clutch

Clutch Repairs | 4 Probable Problems That May Arise With Your Clutch

11 February 2016
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If you drive a manual car, then you know how important the clutch is to your transmission. But like any other mechanical part of your car, the clutch can start to give trouble every once in a while. This guide is designed to help you identify different problems that will need clutch repairs.

Leaking Master Cylinder

Clutches are either cable-operated or hydraulic. Most modern cars usually come with hydraulic clutches, so they depend on cylinder fluid to activate the clutch. If your master cylinder starts leaking, it will not be able to produce any hydraulic pressure to activate your clutch. If your master cylinder is leaking, you will notice fluid accumulating below your car. You may also start to notice strange odours. This is because the fluid may end up dripping on the exhaust. You will need to get clutch repairs undertaken immediately to fix this problem.

Worn Out Clutch Disc

Your clutch disc is linked to your transmission's input shaft and can wear out over time with prolonged use. Clutch discs can also wear out because of frequent clutch changes. When your clutch gets too worn out, it will cause a higher release from your clutch pedal. In some cases, a worn out clutch disc will make it difficult for you to accelerate with heavy loads in your car. You will need to take your car to a mechanic that specialises in clutch repairs to fix a worn out clutch disc.  

Warped Flywheel

The flywheel is a rotating mechanical device used to increase the momentum of your car. This flywheel is fastened to the crankshaft end. Over prolonged use or during hours of non-stop driving, the flywheel can become overheated. This will cause it to crack or warp. Once the flywheel surface becomes uneven, you will experience vibrations or chattering when you release the clutch. If this happens, you will need clutch repairs.

Worn Out Pressure Plate

The pressure plate clamps the flywheel to the clutch disc. This gets used the most when you step on the clutch for changing gears, which means that it can get worn out more easily than other clutch parts. You may start to feel your car vibrating as you let go of the clutch while driving. This is a sign that your pressure plate is worn out. A mechanic specialising in clutch repairs will be able to inspect and tackle this problem for you efficiently.

When you notice any of these problems arising with the clutch of your manual transmission, be sure to take it to a mechanic specialising in clutch repairs.

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