Clues Your Car Needs Transmission Repair

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Clues Your Car Needs Transmission Repair

Clues Your Car Needs Transmission Repair

5 January 2016
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Any car comprises several components and systems, but truth be said, some of these parts are a bit more important than others. One of the most crucial parts of a car is the transmission system. A car's transmission system, be it automatic or manual (as is the case in most of today's vehicles), is the part that allows engine power to reach your car's wheels, thus making the car to move. Without a transmission system, therefore, most cars would be seemingly motionless! When ignored, car transmission problems can cause great inconvenience, and they can be rather costly as well. Therefore, it is a smart move to be keen on any car activity that appears out of the ordinary. That said, what are some of the most likely indications that a car has transmission problems?

Slipping gears

Typically, a transmission will remain in a selected gear until a driver (for manual transmission) or a computer (for automatic transmission) performs a shift. If it so happens that the transmission is changing gear by itself (for no apparent reason) while you are driving, it is obvious that transmission repairs will be required immediately. If gears slip when you are driving up a hill, for example, this can leave your car dangerously moving back down the steep slope into approaching traffic.

Gears refusing to engage

If you try to engage the clutch and realize that it is stuck and the car won't shift, check the transmission fluid to ensure that there is no leakage and that the fluid is at the correct level. Another possible cause of the issue could be that the clutch shift cables require adjustment. For automatic cars, you should try resetting the computer system if there is nothing wrong with the fluid levels. In order to do that, you should remove the power clippers from the battery and let then reattach them and give the system some time to reset automatically. If this doesn't work, contact a mechanic.

Burning smell

Your common senses can come in handy as regards detecting transmission problems. Notice any unusual burning smell while you are driving your car? Overheating transmission fluid could be one of the sources of the smell. The fluid will make the system to run at extremely high temperatures, culminating in excessive friction and increased corrosive action.

Failure to take care of transmission problems early enough can eventually damage the entire system completely. Look for a qualified mechanic to rectify the problem at the earliest detection of the above-discussed signs. If you have a foreign car, look particularly for French car repair or Japanese car repair depending on vehicle's the origin.

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