Quick Tips for Buying Used Commercial Trucks for Sale

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Quick Tips for Buying Used Commercial Trucks for Sale

Quick Tips for Buying Used Commercial Trucks for Sale

22 September 2015
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If you are starting your own business or if you need to buy a new commercial truck for your current business, you may want to save money by purchasing a used truck. This can be a good choice as most commercial trucks have years of life left in them no matter their age and mileage, since they're often built to withstand the wear and tear of commercial use. Note some quick tips for buying used commercial trucks before you even start shopping truck sales.

1. Refrigerated versus insulated

If you've never bought a refrigerated commercial truck before, note that there is a difference between refrigerated and insulated. An insulated truck has special panels that keep in the cold but they don't actually produce cold air. An ice cream truck may have freezers that are in the back of the truck and which are plugged in, so they only need an insulated area. However, for delivering frozen goods and certain medical products, you may need to have an actual refrigeration unit that produces cold air. Be sure you understand this difference so you don't overspend on a refrigerated unit if you don't need it, but don't assume that an insulated truck will actually make the area cold.

2. Ramps

A commercial truck with a ramp can be a good choice, even if you opt for a pickup truck for which you use to load any items you're delivering or picking up. When choosing a truck with ramps, note how the ramp is stored. If you opt for a pickup truck with ramps that fold into the bed, consider how much space they'll take up and if this will leave you enough room for your items. A ramp on a panel truck that actually lifts and lowers may be operated manually; this can be challenging if you use it to lift very large objects. A hydraulic ramp which uses air pressure to assist in managing the weight of the load can be a better choice.

3. Towing capacity

For commercial trucks that will be used to tow trailers or any equipment, always note the towing capacity and remember to figure the weight of a fully loaded trailer, not just the trailer or the equipment that you'll be towing. Remember that you may need to figure in the weight of fuel, debris you might collect for your landscaping business, and the like. You always want to err on the side of caution and ensure you get a commercial truck that can easily handle a typical load that will be hauled so you don't put excess wear and tear on the vehicle itself.

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